Our Golden Rules and Rocket Points

Little Gonerby's 'Golden Rules'


We are gentle.

We are kind and helpful.

We listen.

We are honest.

We work hard.

We look after property.


These are the rules that we all follow at school. They are to make sure everyone is happy, treated kindly and fairly, and that our school and everyone within it are treated properly. 


We can win Golden tickets for making good choices! Our golden tickets are collected in our class golden box.


On a Friday we take our golden ticket box to celebration worship and a ticket is pulled out to win a prize!


Rocket Points


Each week one of our golden rules is chosen as a whole school target and we all work as a team to collect rocket points in class. On a Friday our rocket points are totalled up and we win treats for our class when we reach 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 rocket points!