Craft Club

Autumn Term Craft Club


This term the children are learning new skills and making some lovely creations.

Week 1: Felt Pencil cases

 This is the beginning of some of the children's pencil cases 


Week 2: Felt Pencil cases

 The children are very pleased with their finished pencil cases and as you can see, they have worked very hard and the results are brilliant.

Week 3: Pom Pom Monsters

Today the children have been making pom poms to create into monsters. 



Week 4: Pom Pom Monster Houses

This week the children are finishing off their pom pom monsters and creating homes for them using a net. 


Week 5 & 6: Salt Dough Creations

The children created salt dough ornaments this week and painted them once they were cooked.



Week 7: Free Painting

This week the children have had the opportunity to do some free painting and enjoyed creating their own pictures

Spring Term Craft Club


Week 1: Cotton bud painting

This week the children have created pictures using cotton buds and paint using a dot effect.







Week 2 & 3: Fish Tank Creations

In these two weeks the children have been creating a fish tank and fish or mermaids to live inside. They have been working very hard but the outcome is amazing.


Week 2:



Week 3: 




Week 4 & 5: Sewing 

The children are working so hard at making their very own purses.




Summer Term Craft Club


Week 1: The children have been practising their craft skills by making a wool covered letter for their name. 


Week 2 and 3: This week the children learnt how to sew a pattern onto material. They have created a frame to show off their beautiful sewing creations. 

Our Sewing Creations

Our Sewing Creations 1
Our Sewing Creations 2
Our Sewing Creations 3
Our Sewing Creations 4
Our Sewing Creations 5
Our Sewing Creations 6
Our Sewing Creations 7
Our Sewing Creations 8